“For me, quality of life is sharing a funny story with my best friend and sister,
Kathleen, especially when I’m feeling anxious about my Parkinson’s.”
“I love spending Sunday afternoons with Nana. Quality of life is knowing
my pain will be managed so we can continue the tradition.”
“For me, quality of life is knowing my symptoms will be managed
so I can take Katie to the playground every day.”
“Molly has been my bride for 43 years. For me, quality of life includes knowing she’ll have access
to the care giving resources she’ll need as my cancer progresses.”
“For me, quality of life is spending time
with my granddaughter. “

Advancing Palliative Care Through Education

Every day, Life Quality Institute, a division of SynAptiv,  works to improve quality of life for individuals and families facing serious or life-limiting illness. Our goal is to transform healthcare in Colorado by equipping healthcare professionals and caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need to provide the best person- and family-centered care possible. Our hope is for patients like Mel.

Mel is a soft-spoken, retired engineer living with lung cancer. Through good palliative care education and practice, healthcare professionals treating him will have the expertise and tools they need to discover and respect what is important to Mel and his family. Mel’s  pain and other symptoms will be controlled. His anxieties and fears will be heard and eased. His wife and family caregivers will have access to the resources and emotional support they need. In short, they will receive palliative care. As a result, Mel and his family will have peace of mind and the best possible quality of life, even as his disease progresses. 

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about palliative care and the many resources LQI offers — for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and the community.

Learn About M.O.S.T.

Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment are "portable" consolidated medical orders intended primarily for chronically or seriously ill people in frequent contact with healthcare providers, or already residing in a nursing facility. The portability of MOST allows seamless documentation of treatment preferences and closes gaps as patients transfer from setting to setting. The MOST form was updated in April 2015, click here to download a copy and to access additional resources.

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I feel I can be a better physician now that I understand palliative care and the extra layer of support it offers patients and families."
Michael, third-year medical student

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